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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creamy Coconut Milk Oatmeal a.k.a I'm not a CEO Oatmeal:-(

Coconutoatmeal 2

This post is going to be a hard one to write. I can just tell. Why? Well, it has to do with me not posting as much lately due to a growing disdain dislike of my mother-in-law. And due to the fact that I don't normally find it kosher to use my blog as a way to blow off steam, but my feelings about her and the way she treats me, my Cauldron Boy, and our relationship in general are starting to affect all kinds of things in my life. From being organized to even wanting to make, you know, a cake I saw on one of my favorite blogs. I just can't seem to get things done lately due to the stress of it all.

I know a lot of you are probably chuckling right now. Yeah, I know. You think this is the same old you don't get along with your in-laws bit. Oh no, Dearies! No. I have known and been witness to many not so functional family relationships. I've seen the mother and daughter-in-law that are very different and just don't really get along that well. That's not what I'm talking about here. Not at all...

Dearies, I am dealing with a force that comes from deep in the underworld (yes, I'm still talking about my mother-in-law here;-). A force that is constantly toying with and trying to manipulate and even ruin our relationship, despite the fact that we've been together for 7 years now and have been friends for 13!

You might ask "Why is she doing this?" "What have you done to her, Stella?"

Those are good questions, and all I can tell you is that it really seems that she is mostly irritated about things like religion and ethnic background. In fact, I rarely see her, so I don't know how I could really affect her life negatively or positively by means of my actions. Even the negative effect she has on me is relayed to me via Cauldron Boy after they've been on the phone. And on that note, what seems to be of utmost importance to her is that I'm not a CEO. Are any of you? I was under the impression that most people aren't CEO's. I mean, it's kind of an elite job, no?! Mrs. Thang certainly isn't a CEO and neither is anyone in her family tree.

Anyway, on the rare occasion when I'm feeling angry and down, I make something easy, delicious, and healthful like 'Creamy Coconut Milk Oatmeal'. It's warming and easy enough to make, so that one can eat nutritiously while calming down during moments like these. Though I must admit it hasn't helped me to figure out how someone expects of others what they don't expect of themselves or their own family...

I'll look deep into my magic oatmeal and let you know if it reveals that answer any time soon (smile).

-Creamy Coconut Milk Oatmeal for 2-
1 Cup Rolled Oats (Not Instant)
1 1/4 Cups Full Fat Coconut Milk
1/3-1/2 Cup Almond Milk
1-2 Tbsp. Agave Syrup or Honey
Garnish: Fresh & dry fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, etc...

Pour the milks in a pan or small pot and bring the heat high enough that it will start a boil. Immediately add the oatmeal to the pan and stir. Allow the oatmeal to come to a truly high simmer for a moment, stir, and quickly bring the heat down to a low simmer. Let the oatmeal simmer on low for at least 3-4 minutes, so that the oats actually cook and become soft. Once this happens, it's up to you to take it off the heat when it reaches your desired consistency. I let mine become a bear mush, but you can take it off early and even add more of the milks if you want a more creamy congee/porridge like consistency.

Enjoy with a cup of coffee while you don't allow trolls to control your happiness level:-)


  1. hi Stella

    I am so sorry I have been away from your blog for so long.....sigh.....and I am so sorry that someone as kind and thoughtful as you should have to go thru that kind of treatment......life is not always fair, but the one thing a mother should always want is for their child to be happy.....nothing else really matters in life. To an outsider like myself just looking in, from the way you speak of cauldron boy, I can tell how much you love him and he would have to be a fool not to feel the same way about you....and I can say with confidence that Stella would not be with a fool!
    Everyone says just ignore it, but it comes to a point where you can't no matter how hard you try...life is too short to have to live that way, I do hope things get better for you very soon.
    always your friend

  2. Yummy! I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your mother-in-law... hope she can become more accepting in the future and realize that you don't have to be rich, the right race, or religion.

  3. Hi Stella,

    ARGH! This makes me angry just listening to this. I cannot see how someone can dislike you. I've only been communicating with you through the Internet and am already in love with your sweet, sincere personality. Normally I'd say just ignore the person, but I know it's really tough when it's one of the in-laws. As much as I hate to admit it, I think there is some truth to the saying, "when you marry someone, you marry their whole family". I really really do hate admitting it, but I think it's very true. As a mom, the most important thing to me is my children's health and happiness. Just by hearing you speak of the wonderful dishes and goodies you make for Cauldron Boy already displays how much you love him. He's very lucky to have a wife like you. These days, all my hubby gets is whatever he decides to pick up on the way back home from work (blush). So if Cauldron Boy is happy with you then that's all that should really matter. I hope "someone" will realize that before it's too late. Just be yourself, Stella. If someone doesn't like you for who you are then it's their BIG loss. I really hope things will get better soon my dear. I'm so sorry to hear about this.

    Just feels wrong to talk about food now :(
    I do love the flavor combos though. Full fat coconut milk is the only way to go ;-)

    Feel better soon dear. Big hug!!!

  4. Ah, Stella - You indulge yourself in such healthy delights when you're down! And you seem to have remained so darn LEVEL, despite what sounds like a horrendous situation. I could definitely take a hint or two from you.

  5. Oh, Stella, i feel so bad hearing about your problems with your mother in law. I hope soon she open her eyes and see the love between you and Cauldron Boy and stops making your life a living hell.

    I'll pray that things work out for the best.
    Keep faith

    Best wishes,

  6. Sorry Stella, I chuckled while ready your post...but not at your whoas! MILs can be a huge pain. My husband and I have a ongoing joke that I am the CEO of the house. Maybe you could use that to state your case!

    The oatmeal looks lovely no matter your "position!"

  7. Oh boy! I personally don't know anyone with a positive thing to say about their MIL :P

    I do so relate Stella - but you should remember one thing - YOU are the one who makes CB happy, not some CEO. I think CB knows much better than his mum, what and whom HE wants ;)

  8. oh stella, I am so sorry to hear about this..you are such a sweet and kind person...but don't let it get you down.
    You deserve more creamy sweet treat like this dessert. :-))


  9. Yum! I have been looking for things that tempt me to eat breakfast, and this sounds perfect!

    I'm sorry to hear of your issues with your mother in law. I've been on the opposite end - having a very stress full, high powered job, and it still wasn't enough...

    Just tell her you are the CEO of your kitchen...or make bread and pound the living daylights out of it - that's what I do.

  10. I suppose in-laws are sticky relationships. And of course its o.k. to use your blog to blow off steam - its YOUR blog after all!
    But your post was very amusing - well-written :)

  11. Stella, i'm so sorry about your troubles with your mother-in-law, cant be easy to deal with. Hang in there.

    Loving your creamy oatmeal there, such a yummy breakfast.

  12. I am sorry to hear about your troubles with your MIL. Hope the dust will settle soon. This creamy coconut milk oatmeal looks and sounds comforting.

  13. Hi, Stella
    How uncomfortable this all must be for you, I'm so sorry. I know you're not one to speak out about things on your blog, so it must be serious. Even though I can't think of a solution, I can tell you that even though your bog readers may not live nearby, you have a ton of support here. You've shown that your nothing short of spectacular! You're caring, funny, whimsical, and genuine. If someome who is actually part of your family can't see that, it's their loss. As cliched as it sounds, just stay true to yourself and try to let the negativity bounce off like a rubber ball. Being a CEO sounds like the most boring, mundane, unwitchy job possible. If you were a CEO, we would never get to see such scrumptious recipes as this fabulous take on oatmeal!

  14. I can relate to your situation. This stuff is tough to ignore, and will make you go crazy the longer that the volatile situation endures. I'll tell you even if you had a CEO's salary, I doubt that someone like this would accept you. There are a million reasons that can be fabricated to dislike someone. This type of stuff is best handled by Cauldron boy, because 1) it's his mother, and 2) he has the trust and credibility that has been established over a lifetime. I would suggest a cooling off period, no contact with you or the kids. It does wonders when people realize all that they have to lose from their poor behavior.

  15. Dear Stella,
    Keep smiling; I know this is horrible for you, but after following you for this past litttle while I know you are a strong woman and will end op in top. Now I love that you brought the noble oatmeal up a few notches; sounds good.
    Take care.

  16. Stella dearest,

    The oatmeal looks wonderful and I applaud you for finding a healthy way to deal with this stress that the wicked witch of the west has caused you. It sounds like she never heard the saying judge others before you judge yourself. It is very frustrating dealing with someone that critical and ignorant. She probably doesn't realize what she is doing and probably never will. The best thing to do is to not concern your thoughts about her and to check in with yourself, how you are feeling and what you are experiencing in your body by being around her. You can't change her, and you know she will continue doing this till a house falls on her. So take this time to recognize and understand what is being brought up in you. Place it to the side, acknowledge that it is there, but leave it to the side. We don't need any bad energies plaguing you.

    A lesson I have learned is to let go and establish boundaries. When my mother brings up topics that push my buttons, I don't engage in her conversations. Ignore her.

  17. Dearest Stella (great name, by the way...)

    You don't know me and I don't know you, but I am willing to wager that you're much BETTER than a CEO. I mean, I guess I should take this on a case by case basis with the CEOs I meet, but since that isn't the case, I will just say that you seem like such a sweet, smart and enviable personality.

    It's my sincere wish that something truly witchy and magical happens so that this blind angry hatred your MIL has dissipates and is replaced with the respect you deserve.

    Barring that, I hope you know that the majority of the world thinks you're a peachy witch.

    Hugs, Happiness and Amazing Oatmeal (I am going to try that recipe using GF oats),


  18. Cheers Up Stella!!!
    Don't let her interfere your life and let you down. You're better than what you think and especially than what she thinks. CEO(s) *shrug*, it's just the title. I'm not a CEO and I'm happy with my life. You can be a CEO of the Witchy Kitchen! We have all things to take care of. Forget the noise that make you unhappy. It's not worth it. We all love you Stella!

    Now, give me that bowl of cereal! haha.
    PS: Yeah I should have gone with the vegan chocolate cake. One of my guests can't have diary products. Dang. I didn't go with Lisa's cake recipe, tho. I went with my own devil cake and over all was great!

  19. I'm sorry about what you're going through with your MIL. My Dad had a hard time with his in-laws and my mom with her in-laws too. And it definitely had something to do with religion on both sides.

    Since I'm unmarried, I can't really relate to the whole hate-my-in-laws scenario. BUT, this much I know...

    I learned pretty early on in life that you won't be everybody's cup of tea and vice versa. So thicken thy skin and live your life as you wish. Because seriously, you are giving your MIL way too much attention by allowing her to affect your daily activities and your emotions. If you want to bake that cake, go bake it! Be grateful that you don't have to see her often. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if you saw her on a regular basis??

    People who go out of their way to make other people's lives difficult tend to have their own set of issues and/or drama. They also tend to have poor communication skills so they act out like little kids. It's your MIL's problem, NOT YOURS.

    Probably easier said than done but, don't lose sleep over this. Anger and hatred require quite a bit of energy that you could be channeling (sp?) towards more positive thoughts and endeavors. :)

    I take my oatmeal with fresh mango. You should try it next time!

  20. Sorry to hear things not going really well with your MIL. I don't understand her point abt CEO. CEO does not mean anything!!! Just a title, like the title Mother-in-Law! HOpe things get better, dear :)

  21. Oh Stella--I can't just be a lurker today!! I have two sons. I am a mother-in-law. I'm not a corny person but I like to think of myself as a mother-in-love. My daughter-in-law is such a sweetheart. I truly love her and have almost from the moment we met. I worried about the relationship as I've read quite a bit about it--one of the most difficult that MIL/DIL relationship. My worries were for naught because we just seemed fall together with our mutual love for the boy! I'm hoping to score with number two soon.

    Oh, she's not a CEO.


  22. Dear Stella - How big an influence she must be having because I know otherwise you'd never feel so strongly as to put it on the blog. That is not good and I am sorry to hear. Just surfacing from a rather difficult bout with my sister-in-law (again going on for 14 years) so I GET it.

    You're going to hate me for saying this but take a deep breath and focus all your energies on all that is good and loving between cauldron boy and you. This too will pass Darling. Mean while, use my shoulder anytime :)

    love, Devaki

  23. Eeek, you poor thing, having to endure such unwarranted stress! Thank goodness you can unload to your loyal blog readers (and this faithful follower really enjoyed your rant!). My advice (even if you didn’t ask for it) is to let it all flow over you, let nothing affect your happiness. And eat more of that delicious oatmeal =)

  24. Your oatmeal is just dreamy!
    As far as the other, sadly I know what she is doing...not that I have a like mind but that my background id psychology/anthropology and it is frighteningly common. My darling remember that you are a good witch and somethings as frustrating and demeaning as they seem are quite beneath you! I am absolutely sure that cauldron boy knows this and deep down you do as well :)
    Gig hugs,

  25. Sorry for the typing errors...
    Big hugs :)

  26. Oh Stella, I am so sorry about the relationship that you have with your mother-in-law...
    THe oatmeal looks delicious with coconut milk...I sure have to try this one :-)

  27. This look so great! I have a can of coconut milk with a new purpose. :)

  28. The oatmeal looks delish, Stella! And I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law...my mum and I have been dealing with quite a bit of troublesome meddling from my father's side of the family lately, so I kind of know how you feel *sigh* why must people be so destructive?

  29. This is my first time to your blog... that oatmeal looks divine! I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your MIL...

    Excited to look through the rest of your recipes!

    Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls

  30. My lovely Stellarina, I love visiting your blog and have noticed your not as up as usual....., which is totally cool because no one can be 'up' all the time. Sending a sunny summer big hug from the land downunder - hoping my favourite witch will bounce back again soon.

  31. Dear Stella, I honestly cannot imagine anyone giving you a hard time or not liking you, or Gods forbid, try to ruin your relationship! You are one of the nicest people in the blogosphere! You are a CEO, the CEO of The Witchy Kitchen!!! *hugs*

  32. Guess we've all had bad in-law experiences. Luckily, mine was a gem. I liked her better than my own mother. But I had a daughter in law from hell. Fortunately, my son divorced her and got custody.
    Unfortunately, you can't divorce your MIL so ignore her. Ask Cauldron boy NOT to tell you anything she says.
    And you are the greatest, so believe in yourself!

  33. oh, dearest Stella! Isn't it so hard to love the unlovable? And impossible to change the bitter hearts in others? I will pray that God will change your MIL heart. In the mean time, don't let her rob your peace and joy, but stand above her meanness and grace with your love, as you do for so many of us. Especially me. {{{HUGS}}}} my dear friend.

  34. I would suggest that you are the Chief Entertainment Opinionator and therefore qualify to this standard you are seemingly required to live up to.

    Sounds like you've captured the affections of Cauldron Boy, and there is envy abound.

    I hope your lovely oatmeal helps you cope. It made me hungry for sure. All the best.

    Cheers! Scott

  35. Hi Stella how are you dear!! This oatmeal look amazing! and delicious! xx gloria

  36. Stella, first off I send you big hugs and love...I am truly sorry about your mother in law..every post is filled with an outpouring of love for your cauldron boy, she must know this..and if she cannot accept you for who you are or that cauldron boy cannot even bear the thoguht of living without you then babe what can you do, push it to the side..don't let her get to you, that;'s exactly what she wants..don't let beat you down and let cauldron boy handle it..I am sure once he really lets her have it she will have no choice but to give up her CEO crap, whatever..stay focused on what really matters..cauldron boy , your health and happiness..take care and please know that we are love you, support you and care for you..the comments have been truly lovely!

  37. Stella.
    It actually sounds like Cauldron Boy needs to understand very clearly how you feel. If most of these feelings arise after HE tells you about a conversation HE has with HIS mother - it is HE who needs to give his head a shake. Mother-in-laws are historically unaccepting. It seems like Caudron Boy is a little affected by her nitpicking and shares it with you to get it off his chest... which affects you deeply. Please tell him you do not want to hear another word that she has said about you. That will help a great deal. Then, ask him to tell her that he will talk to her about anything except you. He needs to draw his line in the sand with his mother. I have no doubt he loves you. This is such a common problem with families. Especially with men having difficulty telling their mothers what their own limits are. But, once he has done that, or simply changes the subject, or "has to go" once she starts on you... she will have to get over it if she wants a relationship with him. Clearly she does. YOu are so sweet and loving and generous and I don't even know you. You really need to let your own needs be known to your dear sweet man. I am certain he will understand.
    DOn't give up. A good man is hard to find... lousy mother-in-laws are not!

  38. Ug. I am SO sorry. I can well believe that some people are beyond all hope. I haven't had any contact with my hell spawn of a father for over 3 years now, and you know what? Not having any contact with him is the best thing I ever did for myself. Maybe you should just cut her off and ask Cauldron Boy to please not relay any more negative messages to you. That his relationship with his mother is just betwen the two of them, and to pretty please leave you out of it. That is just my two cents. Food helps too! xoxo PS - You are the CEO of Witchy Kitchen, so she can suck it. ; )

  39. Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear about this sad issue with your MIL.
    I think very, very poorly of people judging others by their salary and jobs... Jobs come and go... And whatever position one can have, the day the company does need him/her anymore, one will be thrown out like a dirty old sock...
    A lovely witch like you not only has a job (whatever it is) but also, she shares her passions, generosity and other interests in life, which is more important.
    I am sending you lots of positive energy, mental strength and a big hug.
    Take care, dearie!
    P.S. the coconut oatmeal sound yummy!

  40. I take it she doesn't read your blog, huh? Well all I can say is that people in our lives may never, ever change. All we can do is change our perspective. She must be in quite a bit of personal pain to reflect so much negativity onto you.

  41. Ugh I am SO sorry Stella! Just know that you are an awesome person and that will carry you above it all.

    In the meantime, eat your oatmeal (which looks wonderfully delicious) and eat it proudly because you rock!

  42. Sorry you have to deal with this. I hope things will work themselves out very soon.

    Your oatmeal looks fantastic! I love that you have coconut milk in the mix, so rich and yummy! I bought oatmeal at the grocery store this afternoon and as I was putting it away I noticed that I already have a whole box of it. I now have oatmeal coming out my ears! ;)

  43. Just read your post about negative comments about your blog, MIL and all of that. Of course there's the occasional loony who just has to troll. You have a fine blog with great content. If you went a little personal with this article, then as you say, it's your blog and it's the personal touch that makes it so. We not only have Freedom of Speech, but also Freedom to Not Listen. There is plenty out there to be offended about without searching for offense. If you say something I don't agree with, I don't have to read through it, just as I don't have to try a recipe that I think I might not like. Keep up the great work!

  44. My dear Stellita,

    I'm sorry to hear all this...but you don't have to feel bad! Some people have been treating me unfairly recently (not my mother in law, who died,and was nice to me!) and you know what? People treat you like that because in fact, you are doing things BETTER than they ever did...and so they feel frustrated at their own failure, and they take it out on you, because your success (here, making her son happy, being nice, having a successful blog)only refelcts what THEY haven't been able to do!
    So cheer up and feel proud of yourself, and just continue doing things like now! You are on the right path!!!

  45. Unsolicited advice is a hobby of mine, so I hope you don't mind.

    I choose to believe that some people have some sort of need to pick on people who enjoy life. They feel bad that they don't have the courage to live their lives the way they want to. They are trapped by their own coulda shoulda woulda's and figure the only way to make themselves feel better is to attack people who have found joy.

    So when your mother in law is attacking you, she is actually projecting her own sadness. This of course does not make her words hurt any less.

    So when she starts up again, just remember what your mom told you when you were a little kid... they only pick on you because they are jealous of you.

  46. Stella I'm really sorry to hear about the Mother-in-law situation. You know I think some people are just never happy with themselves and their life. They then reflect their jealousy by making excuses and picking on others. It's so horrible that she says and does things to make you feel so bad. At a certain point parents have to let their children live their own lives, and this includes butting out of their personal relationships. To me it's very sad that in this day and age people still judge and don't accepts others based on their ethnic background and religion. You are obviously a good person and those issues don't matter and it's reflected in the love that you and Cauldron boy have for each other- that is something she needs to learn and move on. Don't give her the satisfaction of ruining your day or creating such stress in your life. Someone with that manipulative mentality will never change, don't waste your energy on her. The good thing about this is that you at least had some amazingly delectable oatmeal to help you get through it :) Cheer up darling:))

  47. Oh, I can SO relate! I could write volumes about my MIL from HELL, but I won't. And you are welcome! :) You hang in there and keep posting and remind yourself often that it's HER loss.

  48. Sorry to hear about your situation, Stella. I am grateful that I have a MIL that I can get along well. Great looking oatmeal.

  49. I had a beast for a Mother In Law--when my Mom died she had the nerve to question my sadness and loss and said to me"Are you thrown by things?" Feh

  50. I am seeing more coconut milk these days. I will have to try. As for the MIL, that's a tough one but I agree with A Canadian Foodie, your husband might have to say something. My first MIL was not nice to me, ever.

  51. Sorry for not visiting your blog for so long. I'm busy at work since beginning of Jan.
    I hope there's a way to improve the relationship between you and your MIL. Sometimes, we as 3rd party is difficult to understand how painful it is.

  52. I'm not chuckling you, honey. This is an intolerable situation. Ask her if someone taught you about ethnicity and religion is not discussed ... each has their choice and it is for others to respect it. I've been through a similar situation but with a friend and took my heart, the peace and quiet too. Stella, dear, do not let it get you down. Simply pay no attention or that may affect up to your wedding.
    And we need of your delicious recipes. lol

    Kiss and peace to your heart,
    Talita Cristina

  53. Oh, Stella, I'm so sorry. I can tell you, though, (you probably already know this) that CEOs tend to have veryvery strange kids. Too busy to care for them, you know, and it's sooo hard to find a good nanny these days.

    I'm also (once again) appalled at the nasty evil that's done in the name of religion. I think that God (in whatever form we believe in God) must be ashamed of us...

    Heh, I'm writing all this conscious of the fact that I'm a STEP-MOTHER-IN-LAW! Double bad. BWAAHAAAHAAAA. (where'd I leave my broom???)

    Hugs to you hon. Knockers up!

  54. It's horrible to have that sort of negative person in your life, I can understand how it would effect you so much. I don't get why some people are like that, they make themselves miserable while they are at it. And no, I am not a CEO, that's for sure! But I would like a bowl of your oatmeal!

  55. I am a little late commenting on this post and you received such good advice already but I will add my little bit as well - you must learn to ignore her. Your situation reminds me of my best friend's relationship with her MIL and honestly, after 10 years of trying my friend realized there is no other way to deal with the situation than to pretend she isn't manipulative, demanding, etc.

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this! You definitely don't deserve it but your Cauldron boy is most certainly worth the hassle right?

    A CEO - how random?? I mean, of all the things??

  56. Even though I don't know either of you, I'll take a stab here and just say...Your MIL doesn't make any sense! And you my dear, you seem as sensible as well, a bowl of oatmeal...which is pretty darn sensible as far as tasty healthy breakfasts go! :)

  57. Hey... I can tell you that Stella is the best. The true best. ~~ her Mom (hope you have a chance to read this before she removes it....)

  58. somehow I bet she doesnt have as many people that care about how you should be treated and it makes me sick to my stomach when I read how hateful she is it takes more energy to hate than to love and we all need to be given a chance, I dont care who my son marries as long as he is happy and they build a good life together thats a mom should ever hope for, being along sucks!... good luck my friend... you will win in the end... I can feel it!

  59. I'm so sorry to hear about your stress Stella! I hope things get sorted out, one way or the other! x

  60. Hey Stella, passing by to see how you are? Take care..


  61. Hello dear friend,

    Me is here! Lol. Oh you make me laugh, Stella! Hope things are getting better for you with the MIL situation. And dang girl! You've got a lot of commenters! I had to scroll through all 60 comments just to leave one. Haha. I can totally see why you've got all this comment love tho ;-).
    I've been swamped with a few things lately. You'll see on my next post, most likely Friday. Until then my dear. Be good ;-)

    I finally got over my fear of deep frying! I'm going to look for your deep fried tofu I've been meaning to try. Can't wait!

  62. Stella, your a gem. Don't let the old Bat get the best of you. I would also tell Cauldron Boy to keep quite about what she says. In fact, it would be a good idea for him to put a stop to it. Where is Cauldron Boy's blog. I'll advise him right away.
    On a better note I love coconut and oatmeal :) I think this recipe was made with me in mind!
    Thanks Deary, keep strong.

  63. Hi Stella, Just thinking about you and checking in to see what you've been making in your witchy kitchen. I hope you're well and I'll check back later.
    All my best wishes, Patty

  64. wow your mil sounds seriously psychotic! keep your distance and hopefully your husband?! feels like she is kinda psycho too... i would never wanna be a ceo that would be way too stressful!

  65. Stella, this is an excellent oatmeal! We have experimented with a few different versions of oatmeal, but none with coconut. My son has recently been diagnosed as lactose intolerant, and we have used coconut milk a few times and he seems to like it. This will find it's way to our table soon!
    I'm sorry about the MIL... I've got one too. She's a bit better now, but in the past she has been just plain nasty. Coniving, confrontational, and downright mean. Hang in there....
    Ah... my daughter just walked in and commented on your blog format! She loves the white dots "floating around" as she says. We found your blog very quickly after we started blogging and she has never forgotten it. Thanks!

  66. LOVE reading through your recipes...am going to have to try several.

    i'd like to make some comments about your mother-in-law. since i don't know all the dynamics of your relationship with her, between her and her son, or the three of you together this morsel of wisdom stems only from my life experience.

    DON'T EVER LET ANYONE TAKE CONTROL OVER YOU. you might feel frustrated by her behavior and comments, that's fine and normal; but when you allow her behavior to infiltrate the lives of you and your honey...you've allowed your mother-in-law unspeakable control. consider who she is, what her life has been like and attempt to understand why she is the way she is. recognize she may feel somehow threatened by your relationship with her son. recognize it for what it is; but you can't fix her, nor should you try. that's not your job. your primary concern is the happiness of your life and the man you love. playing intermediary between a son and his mother never works. unfortunately, your beau should assume that obligation. seems to me he might need to set some ground rules for the way his mother behaves toward you or speaks of you. once the rules are in place it will be his job to enforce them. when talking to her on the phone...if she speaks unkindly of you or in any way is disrespectful he should remind her of the unbreakable rule and gently tell her their conversation is now over. it might take several times doing this before she "gets" it; but she will eventually. she might not ever like you (it would be nice if she did; but doesn't really matter); but she will learn her place...and that IS what matters. i hope life settles down for you; family issues can be such a pain. good luck. live happy. v.

  67. im so sorry to hear about the inlaws but with this delicious breakkie im sure it'll keep you happy for the day :)

  68. Anonymous, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment-it is certainly well thought out and really touches on so many things that I, as well as my husband, should have been doing/employing in our thought processes and behaviors. I'm trying to do better with so many of the things you mentioned, and, I, of course, am no longer allowing my in-laws or others to control my feelings about myself/others/life:-) For sure...

    Thanks again, whoever you are out there;-)!!

    Stella Witch


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