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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tropical Green Smoothie & Thanks!

Pam over at A Love for New Recipes has bestowed these lovely awards upon my witchy realm. This is rather odd, as I really should have been the one to bestow an award upon Pam and her healthful realm. Why? Well, Pam inspired me to leave my blender on the counter and actually use it, which means I ingest more raw, good for me concoctions! Yes, Pam, just one post where I peered down into a glass of Banana Choccie Smoothie got me thinking...

I almost started to make the above smoothie exactly according to the recipe, so that I could have a photo of it here while thanking Pam. And then a few words passed through my head-'A Love for New Recipes'. New!?! So the recipe below is for Pam and all of you Dearies and Elvin folk that are trying to eat more raw foods and who, like Pam, want something new!

First, here are the awards, then the list of 7 things about me, and then my 7 chosen bloggers!

7 Things About Me

1. I really am a ginger just like my cartoon pic.
2. True to the redhead stereotype, I have a bit of a temper!
3. I keep a mostly organic kitchen (85-90%)
4. I can't show my or Cauldron Boy's real pics online, as he plans on running for office here in our subtropical hollow.
5. My house is a 1920's Beachy Shack, although Cauldron Boy says you can't call something a shack if it has central heat & air (smile).
6. I am related to Jesse James the American Outlaw and King Henry the VIII the tyrant!
7. I really can cast a spell or two. Don't worry though-I won't throw anyone in the blogosphere into my Cauldron!

These are the wonderful bloggers upon whom I would like to bestow these awards:

Danielle at So Many Recipes
Rick at Bittersweet

*Dearies, be sure to link from the person that gave you the award, link to the people whom you would like to award, and list 7 things about you!

Tropical Green Smoothie
2 Cups Fresh Cut Pineapple
3 Large Romain leaves
Handful of Fresh Parsley
1 to 1 1/4 Cups Organic Apple Juice

Place all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth. Enjoy one of the best smoothies or green drinks ever!

About Me

Hello Friends! I'm Stella-your host, herb lover, and kitchen witch. This site is a collection of the recipes & remedies that I've learned from talented herbalists and chefs, or that I created myself due to some irritating ailment. Hence every remedy, recipe, & concoction here is posted due to its uncanny ability to relieve and heal. In light of this, please know that I take sincere reporting quite seriously, and I will never write about a remedy or recipe that I have not tried!

I hope the culinary & herbal world entices you as much as it does me. If you have any questions, please contact me, Stella, at thiswitchykitchen@gmail.com.

A Witch’s Kitchen

Hello Dearies! Thank you for being curious about me and my kitchen.

I decided to write this section for my blog readers, as I regularly receive e-mails asking me things like ‘Are you really a witch?’ Well, yes, I might be a witch. And, no, I’m not that kind of witch. I know that might be a bit confusing, so let me expand a bit.

To me, the word ‘witch’ or maybe I should say 'kitchen witch' is simply defined as a person who has a powerful sense of understanding and, hopefully, sensitivity towards the world in reference to nature, nature’s bounty, and human existence. So, according to this definition, you might be a witch (or a sorcerer) if you are able to ‘see’ nature for what she is in reference to your habitat, healing foods, and all of the mystical things she has to offer. Part of this equation would also be changing habits or even sacrificing luxuries in order to help nature if these habits or luxuries become destructive to our world.

This idea of nature and understanding translates itself to many forms in my kitchen-from trying to keep organic to studying the potential of natural cures for ailments. I also have a curiosity and respect for vegan and vegetarian lifestyles along with an appreciation towards individuals of any diet type who care for animal life and believe in humane treatment towards the other inhabitants of this realm who deserve our love and reverence in life & in slaughter.

I hope this helps to give you an idea of who I am, and why I chose to call my blog ‘The Witchy Kitchen’. So am I a witch? Well, I certainly hope so! And you just might be a kitchen witch too…

My Warmest & Witchiest,

Stella Witch