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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Witch’s Kitchen

Hello Dearies! Thank you for being curious about me and my kitchen.

I decided to write this section for my blog readers, as I regularly receive e-mails asking me things like ‘Are you really a witch?’ Well, yes, I might be a witch. And, no, I’m not that kind of witch. I know that might be a bit confusing, so let me expand a bit.

To me, the word ‘witch’ or maybe I should say 'kitchen witch' is simply defined as a person who has a powerful sense of understanding and, hopefully, sensitivity towards the world in reference to nature, nature’s bounty, and human existence. So, according to this definition, you might be a witch (or a sorcerer) if you are able to ‘see’ nature for what she is in reference to your habitat, healing foods, and all of the mystical things she has to offer. Part of this equation would also be changing habits or even sacrificing luxuries in order to help nature if these habits or luxuries become destructive to our world.

This idea of nature and understanding translates itself to many forms in my kitchen-from trying to keep organic to studying the potential of natural cures for ailments. I also have a curiosity and respect for vegan and vegetarian lifestyles along with an appreciation towards individuals of any diet type who care for animal life and believe in humane treatment towards the other inhabitants of this realm who deserve our love and reverence in life & in slaughter.

I hope this helps to give you an idea of who I am, and why I chose to call my blog ‘The Witchy Kitchen’. So am I a witch? Well, I certainly hope so! And you just might be a kitchen witch too…

My Warmest & Witchiest,

Stella Witch


  1. Stella, I have to say that I feel that is a VERY wonderful explanation. :-) I never know how to explain it myself while still bypassing the stigma that sometimes goes with the terminology. :-) Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Stella,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. And it is a SIGN, that you should read the book of Daniel AND meet a church cook on the same day!! :)

    Seriously, you have a BEAUTIFUL blog, photos, and recipes!

    I love herbs and growing herbs! My garden doesn't look like it right now but that is how my cooking journey began; I wanted to be an herb farmer!

    When you are near Savannah, come and visit me and my church! I'd love to break bread with you and get to know you better!

  3. Oh Stella, I had not seen this page, how lovely your words, the pic is exactly what I pictured you as, your goregous girl, take care


  4. So glad I happened upon this blog! I was googling "vegan tres leches cake recipe" and found myself here. (I will definitely be trying your recipe!) As a vegetarian who loves to cook vegan and also has witchy tendencies (I call myself "pagan-esqe), I'm glad I found you. :]

  5. Thanks, Rachel! I hope you like the cake-it's much easier than the instructions seem. It's kind of a go to recipe here in our hollow;-) And, yes, I saw your photo. There is something very mystical about you (smile)!

  6. hi stella,
    stumbled upon your blog and must say its truly bewitching!loved the pics and all the recipes that u have stirred up for the blog.great work!

  7. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement. I need that sometimes (smile). Oh, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself here. I always do;-)

  8. your recipes are like mixed potions that cast a spell of well being in a not so well world!

  9. Good Evening!

    I just have to tell you how delighted I was to stumble across your blog! I too am a Kitchen Witch. I have to say, your blog is fantastic! Beautiful photos, charming presentation. I'm a big fan already. :)

    Be Well!


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