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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bewitching Bloggers

Over the last week, I have been notified by many of my favorite bloggers, dearies & even elvin folk to let me know that they have an award for me or that they linked to me for some culinary reason or another. I plan to address the awards at a later date, but, until then, I just wanted to show my appreciation to you all by displaying some of the recipes from your blogs or just things that remind me of you!

First of all, oh LeQuan, how could you post something so delicious without making a super fuss out of it? I used your proportions exactly just with a substitution of low sodium veg broth for water and red wine instead of white, as I didn't have a bottle of white on hand.

Cauldron Boy snorted quite a bit while eating this and, frankly, almost howled at the moon.

And then there is The Kitchen Masochist Girl/Lady and her batik corn. Such beautiful corn it was but with no practical way to cook it in sight. To add to this minor culinary heart break, the Kitchen Masochist was suffering from a heat related skin condition...

Since I don't have access to many of the enchanting ingredients that make up her culinary repertoire, I made some hot, steamy corn for her! Here it is, Deary-canned baby corns. They're not fancy but they're edible, my lovely.

Dennis is also one of my favorite people (chefs that is) to check in on for solid delights. You all probably already know that I love his biscotti, but I have tried many of his goodies. Most recently, roasted chick peas with a cold beer, which beats salty peanuts any day!

Oh, and the lovely Girl Foodie a.k.a. Emily. She is a true foodie, indeed, with rich food that entices. Not only because of her obvious status as an incredible home cook & domestic goddess, but also b/c of her reverence for environmentally conscious produce and humanely raised meats. You just don't know how much I love and appreciate this, my Lovely.

Here is her tandoori-so fragrant a dinner it was!

And last, the pièce de résistance: Jenn's sinful tart that I've already eaten half of in one day. Cauldron Boy helped, but, heaven help me, I'm still thinking about having another slice with the super sweet organic, local strawberries we found at the market. Oh Jenn, this is from the underworld. I used my high fiber, low fat crust recipe but the custard is 100% inspired by you!

Fraises Biologiques, Jenn!

And here it is!

*Denise at Quickies on the dinner table also turned my cheeks rosy this week, hence my last post!
*And to Greg at SippitySup, well, you really made my week! Thanks Greg...


  1. Fantastic posts. Very giving of yourself to support your fellow foodie bloggers! Have a great night. Cheers!

  2. what a round up, so many inticing dishes, I love how it ended with such a sweet tart I love your crust and I bet the filling made it out of this world..great post


  3. Beautiful roundup. I love all of them....mmmm....delicious.

  4. Dear Stella - I can see why you were elbow deep in all the cooking and baking today. What a marvelous gesture from you to fellow foodie blogger friends.

    Quite a tribute!

    The food looks fantastic and the sentiment even more special! Brava!

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  5. All of these dishes look amazing! I love that they are tributes to other bloggers...that is so sweet.

  6. With friends like this...you won't go hungry any time soon. Great recipes!

  7. The tandoori chicken and the biscotti look delicious. I made an Almond Cranberry biscotti last week. It did really well at the bake sale :o)

  8. Great selections from blogger friends!

  9. Oh Stella, I'm touched. Thank you. The only thing that's even more heartbreaking is that I can't taste the corn!

    Those photos look great, btw. Especially the tart.

    And thank you for including my blog on your list of favorite blogs. I am truly honored, no
    Bee Es. :)

    I will get back to you within this week re: blog review.

  10. Ooh, that last one does look irresistible! What a great round up of amazing recipes! Geez, when is lunchtime anyway? I'm starved!

  11. Everything looks so good..thanks for introducing some of the great foodies to me ,Stella :-)

  12. Nice round-up...everything looks delicious, and great pictures as well :-)

  13. Stella I am so so touched that you took the time to try out my recipe. Great choices with the substitutions too. The red wine made the sauce look much nicer. You are definitely a master of creations in the kitchen my witchy friend. I'm so glad Cauldron Boy enjoyed it as well. Oh Stella you don't know how happy you've made me :-D It's like I'm flying to the moon on a broom right now ;-)

    The other dishes look so lovely too. Kayla and I both love baby canned corn. You make some so simple look so beautiful. There's definitely some magic brewing in your cauldron. I am SO SO honored to have found such a true blogger friend like you. You have made my week dear, sweet Stella! The only thing I'm not happy about is that I'm jealous that your dish looks so much better than mine (and most likely tasted better too)....teehee. Have a spectacular week luv.

  14. Stella
    I always feel I should be wearing a torn t shirt, shouting up at a apartment building......Stella...
    sorry, got off track there...I am so happy to be one of your favorite people (even as a chef) you are certainly one of mine! You have been a constant source of encouragement, and such a lovely friend with all of your wonderful comments...I consider myself fortunate to have met you!!
    All the best

  15. I can see why these lovely bloggers inspire you. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  16. Wonderful and inspiring post. Thank you. My mouth is drooling for the strawberries.

  17. Good grief Stella how could you lay out this spread of deliciousness and not let me know about it? Good thing I'm just plain nosy!

    Thanks for the thoughtful mention and sharing your favourites with us!

    You inpire in ways you don't even realise :)

  18. These seem to cover all the main food groups, and I am now starving! :D

  19. Who is cauldron boy? That's a job that I want! Do you take applications from elves?

  20. this blog is amazing and the food smells wonderful and I'm very hungry.

  21. How wonderful post!
    I was even hungry! That you gave back to find so many delights, huh?!
    Oh, congratulations for the awards also will tell us about what it is!

    Talita Cristina

    P.S.: I do not speak much English, too, Stella! We're quits! lol You understand some Spanish (which helped in understanding the Portuguese) and I, just a little bit in English!
    Oh, forgive me when I write wrong! (I'm not a american citizen! Hehe xD)

  22. Thank you for sharing these blogs - everything does look fantastic. I especially love the sinful tart. There are so many great blogs out there sometimes it's hard to keep track of all of them...

  23. Stella! What a wonderful thing to say lovely girl.
    I'm So glad you enjoyed the tandoori and am thrilled to be able to count you as or of my closest in my coven of foodies.
    You're a food hero darlin!

  24. Such a beautiful way to complement your favourite bloggers... my only question is where did you find the time to prepare all their lovely recipes?! I could barely do two!

    This post alone deserves all the awards I'm giving you :) http://freshslowcooking.com/48/spreading_the_love

  25. Thank you for supporting these wonderful foodie bloggers and inspiring me to try these dishes. They look amazing. You are absolutely one of my new favorite sites!!!

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  26. Salut ma belle!
    Sorry for reading this so much later than intended. Ugh... I haven't missed work because I was sick in a year and a half. So much to catch up on!
    So SO! Thrilled that you checked out the tarte au citron and that you and Cauldron Boy love it as much as we do. And it's hard to stop at simple one piece, non????
    You made my day :) xoxo


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