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Monday, January 11, 2010

Arthritis & Glucosamine

You have probably already heard that Glucosamine is the best remedy for arthritis pain in both the holistic and medical world, but have you tried it? If your answer to this question is 'no' and you have pain or even immobility from arthritis, that is a shame to say the least. Being that arthritis is a wearing away of the protective cartilage between joints and that Glucosamine is the only substance that can stimulate cartilage growth, this all natural product should be on the grocery list of almost anyone with Arthritis.

I really love Glucosamine due to my own experience with arthritis in my knees and ankles. I became so wrought with pain that I thought I was going to be disabled and unable to work at the age of 29. Indeed, I was so upset at the the pain I felt every night after work that I researched arthritis one painful night. Within 20 minutes, I was hobbling to the store to buy this 'Glucosamine stuff'. What I found was a bottle of liquid Glucosamine pills that claimed to promise extreme relief within 7 days. This outrageous sounding claim gave me a feeling of hopelessness. Nonetheless, I bought the brand that made this claim out of desperation.

Despite my doubt, I was a lot better within 7 days. I was not perfect, but I didn't hurt so much and I was able to bounce around my job without wondering if I was going to fall or have to go home. In fact, all I felt after a week was mild discomfort after long hours on my feet, so I continued with the pills till the bottle was gone.

You can get your Glucosamine like a bear does by eating an enormous amount of oysters if you like, or you can go out and buy Glucosamine. The liquid form is more expensive, but really is worth the money due to being easily absorbed by the body. I bought Naturemade Tripleflex liquid tabs, a product by a commercial company, but I stand by it due to the efficacy of this product. I also got a lot of complements on my skin while taking it!

As always, you should discuss this remedy with your medical professional as to whether it is right for you & to learn about a proper regimen. I hope this information helps you as much as it did me.


  1. good advice. Think I will give it a steady try for a time; I have heard it does work!...

  2. thanks I'm one of those people with lots of joint pain and crunchy knees, I will give it a try. Here's a question, do you know whether its supposed to be better with Chondroitin? I always hear the both of them used in the same sentence.

  3. Hey Shree,
    Chondroitin serves as a natural stimulator of lubricant within the body. Hence it does not actually cause for regrowth of cartilage like Glucosamine does. However, this lubrication is a good thing for 'crunchy' sounding joints, so it most likely wouldn't hurt the situation. I take a blend of the three biggies (Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & MSM). Do know though that some experts feel that Chondroitin isn't worth the extra money.

    Be sure to talk to your medical provider about glucosamine before making a purchase. For example, diabetics should never take it before consulting medical advice, as it is glucose + amine! Sugar!

    Also, something that most people won't tell you is to monitor your doctor's response to the idea of Glucosamine. If it isn't positive and he/she just jumps to the idea of only a pain killer for you, this most likely isn't a good sign. Glucosamine is widely accepted for being a natural and healthful way to help rebuild cartilage and ease pain by both medical and holistic practitioners.

  4. Great tip on the glucosamine! I am pretty sure that I've got arthritis in my big toe and I've got those every popular crunchy knees, too. I'm going to buy a bottle of it next time I'm at the store!

    You have a great blog, I'm so happy I found you, from one witch to another :)

  5. It is 3:39 AM and I am on the computer to pass the time. I came across your blog, and so glad that I did. I found a wonderful soup I will make today and I am also going to buy me some glucosamine. I am hurting so bad, that is why I am up, can't sleep due to pain. You have put so much time into your site and I thank you for that. Just too cute and lots of great information. Thanks for your time. Jan


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