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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tis Still The Season!

Yes, it is still the season to indulge in a little extra libation. Why? You might ask. Well, being cold is a bit uncomfortable as many of us have been reminded in the last month or so. And a drink or two can actually cause for a warm sensation through our knickers and, of course, can often take the edge off when it comes to most types of stress. The old remedy of gargling with hard liquor is also helpful for those suffering from sore throat and such, and is especially good if you don't like taking medicines until it is absolutely necessary.

You may have some leftover guilt from Christmas indulgence or a New Year's resolution promising to cut calories and fat, but don't feel too bad about the calories or alcohol associated with a drink. Allowing yourself this luxury in moderation just may help your health a bit this winter season. So Cheers Everyone!

Ooh, I just realized I am writing this post mid morning. I promise I'm not getting tipsy-not yet at least!

Photo by Stella at This Witchy Kitchen


  1. I never knew the part about gargling with the alcohol. I had heard about it warming you up, but I must try the gargling next time I have a sore throat! Awesome tip! :)

  2. Hi Jordan. Thank You! Gargling with some hard liquor does work for most sore throats. Just watch out for Strep-nothing but antibiotics will truly knock that out of your system.


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