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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cold Sores & Fever Blisters

I hate cold sores and fever blisters and, yes, I just used the word 'hate'. They are painful, and mine blow up to such a large size on my lip that I look like I have a beak. That was before I knew what to do about this physically and socially awkward ailment though. It was also before I understood why I get cold sores and what causes them to suddenly appear.

Cold Sores/Fever Blisters are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus-I or II. They can be found on the inner mouth, lips, nose, face, ears, and genitals. The sores have a yellow or green messy looking center with redness and swelling surrounding the area. Over 90% of the world's population has either or both Herpes Simplex I & II, but only 10% of this 90% get cold sores and fever blisters. So next time you have one and your friend says, "I don't have what causes that", just know that you are not alone and that your friend most likely does have 'that' despite a lack of physical manifestation.

For those of us in the 10% of people that do so unfortunately get these blisters when we are stressed, sunburned, or coming down with an illness, there is some real help. However, time is of the essence as is being aware that your immune system has let the Herpes out of the cage! How do you know this you might ask!?! You know because wherever it is that you normally get that sore there is a tingling or itching that starts. Yes, right at the spot from which it is planning on bursting forth. It might feel like your heart just jumped into said spot due to an odd palpitating in the area.

What to do? Run to your local health food store or Whole Foods and get some L-Lysine and a cream that has real menthol (Blistex). Take the L-Lysine immediately (preferably on an empty stomach) and as often as the instructions allow. Meanwhile, apply the menthol cream every thirty minutes that you feel something is still going on in the area. In the process of all of this, avoid protein as it weakens the L-Lysine's effect. And do not eat chocolate, nuts, or anything high in L-Arginine. L-Arginine feeds the herpes virus unlike L-Lysine, which hinders viral replication.

If you do this, you will possibly avoid the sore all together like I often do. And, if not, it will be so much smaller and heal in about half the normal time. So you know, this routine has always worked for me and all my friends who suffer from this. They regularly call me and scream, "I feel that tingle! What do I do again?"

P.S.-Don't ever squeeze or pick a cold sore or fever blister. You will regret it!


  1. I am always looking for remedies,, so thanks, I will try it if the need arises. When I lived in Monreal, I had a friend do a treatment on an early coldsore. It was a machine that had a wand, and she passed the wand over the area. The electric? wave, dried up the area, and it only tingled slightly. It's AWESOME if you live close enough to someone like that! In Saskatoon I only found one beauty place where one lady had heard of it... I think she said it was a French treatment.

  2. Hi Ya'll-

    Great advice. Two other supplements work GREAT in addition to the lysine:

    1. Olive leaf with melissa balm (cheaper)

    2. Gigartina red algae (more expensive)

    they both work to shut those bad cooties down! Now big pharma has a bounty on my head, oh shizit!


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